Test & Inspection


Flying Probe

Cost effective way to test components on printed circuit assemblies(PCAs) Cutting debug time for customers. Flying probe detects shorts, opens, missing, wrong value, wrong polarities and bad function components. Suitable for prototypes to Mid volume production.

Functional Test

Using softwares and/or hardwares to simulates the operating environment for the product under test. Thus Functional Test minimize the cost to build an actual test system. Suitable for Prototypes to High volume production

BIB Probe Test

Using custom-built probes to test components and circuits in Burn-In boards



Automated Optical Inspection of components on printed circuit assemblies to detect defects such as insufficient solder, solder bridges, missing components, misalignment components, wrong components, wrong polarity,… Effectively detect the failure by using 3-D scan technology


Inspect hidden Solder Joints and assembly alignment for components such as BGA,uBGA, Connectors,…