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Altest’s interconnected and flex-focused production lines ensure quicker production times irrespective of the board size, for both turnkey and consigned projects.

Our Multiple Verticals

At Altest, we continuously strive to enhance the capabilities of connected smart factories, by ensuring high performance standards in the field of medicine, aerospace and many others industries. With this confidence, we handhold you and assist you to create and take your product to the market successfully.


We believe in bringing your ideas to life. We are thereby expanding our focus and obtaining all relevant certifications to work on medical devices.


Our mil-spec/aerospace certification ensures full traceability for everything that goes into your design.


Our production lines are flexible and can easily accommodate your requirements. Our engineering team also continuously innovates and exceeds expectations.

How we work

Our PCB Production Capabilities

Altest Corporation focuses on optimizing the assembly process to manufacture all types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Our greatest strength is our flexibility while working on your designs. We can fabricate the board, manufacture the board, and test the board all under one roof in our best-in-class facility.

Any size board

Rapid Production

Complete Facility

A complete PCB package

PCB Fabrication

Engineering Teams

Hi-Tech SMT Machines

Full Capacity Testing Machines

On-Site Component Warehouse

Box Build Assembly

Altest provides end-to-end services for your product launch.

Our multi-flex production line allows us to work, manufacture and test all sizes of boards in-house. Our multi-line Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines to our Flying Probe testers ensure that your product is correct right from conception to launch.

Our Certifications

Recent Publications

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How Are Custom Functional Testers Designed?

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The Print Circuit Board Assembly Process

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What Is The Electro-Mechanical / Box Build Assembly Process?

What Is The Electro-Mechanical / Box Build Assembly Process?

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