Altest's Engineering Team

Altest assists companies to develop products and get them into production. Our team of experienced engineers brings decades of experience in developing electronics-based products to Altest.


Altest specializes in the development of products, starting from an idea throughout the various development phases until they reach volume production. We can enter a project anywhere along the product life cycle.


Our team of engineers design implementations include experience in Systems, Analog, Digital and/or Microcontroller portions of products. We have designed products for the Medical, Industrial Control and Consumer Industries, among others.


Altest also helps customers to redesign products that are being challenged because various parts of their systems contain parts that have become obsolete or non-manufacturable.


Altest Electrical Engineering Product Development Services include the following:


  1. Design or Redesign Concepts

  2. Electrical / Mechanical / Electronic Design Implementation

  3. Firmware Architecture

  4. Firmware Design and Implementation

  5. Prototype fabrication

  6. Prototype Demonstration

  7. Upgrade to Production Design

    1. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

    2. Design for Testability (DFT)

    3. Design of Custom Production Functional Final Testers

  8. Generation of Alpha and Beta Test Product Redesign

  9. Introduction into short-run Manufacturing

  10. Design Cost Cutting for Volume Manufacturing

  11. Quality Assurance Services for Turnkey Build and Ship

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